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      We will work together with Chinese partners to create, win and share a bright future.

      POMBACH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, has been a leader in reactive power compensation, power quality, industrial automation control systems and new product development for many years. And global promotion. POMBACH provides users with first-class power quality solutions, which can be based on the actual situation of each occasion. Detect, analyze, and provide the perfect power solution to meet the needs of users.

      The development of electronic technology has higher and higher requirements for power quality, and power quality has been paid more and more attention. The increase of power electronic equipment has led to the deterioration of power quality of power grids, resulting in voltage fluctuations, harmonics, three-phase unbalance, resonance and other power grids. Pollution. Optimized grid power factor correction technology will also be applied on a large scale. POMBACH provides high quality power quality power components, which can reduce power consumption, reduce grid pollution and improve transmission efficiency.


      China will be the focus of POMBACH's global growth. POMBACH products have design, R&D, production and marketing facilities in Europe and Germany. We are continuously strengthening R&D and expanding R&D and sales in China.

      Pombach (Hangzhou) Electric Co., Ltd. is the marketing center of POMBACH in China, directly serving Chinese users.

      We will work together with Chinese partners to create, win and share a bright future.